'Once Upon a Time': Who's afraid of Little Red Riding Hood?


What an outstanding episode of "Once Upon a Time" Sunday night (March 11), right? We were really engrossed, plus totally didn't see the twist coming, which is the mark of a good twist.Fairytale LandA wolf (but not just any wolf, a werewolf) is slaughtering villagers and Granny is the portent of doom, telling everyone how a similar wolf slaughtered her entire family back in the day. She also has Ruby wearing her red cloak because supposedly red repels wolves. Red and Snow White make friends and start to investigate, thinking they have discovered that the wolf is Red's love Peter. But in an awful twist, Red is actually the wolf (it runs in their family) and she has eaten Peter while he was tied up (thinking he'd change, they tied him up to keep everybody safe). Sad.StorybrookeRuby is sick of her diner job, so she starts working for Sheriff Swan as a receptionist/deputy-type person, which...



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