Once Upon a Time Preview: Can Charming Get Snow To Remember Him in Episode 16?

This week's Once Upon a Time gave us an unexpected surprise in the fairytale world.  The story focused on the tale of Red Riding Hood, who lived with Granny in a small village.  The villagers lived in fear from a wolf who kept killing livestock, until it graduated to people.  Red became quick friends with Snow White, who had taken to hiding out in their barn after escaping the Queen and the Huntsman.  Red complained about how over-protective Granny was, especially when trying to keep Red locked up at night and keeping her away from a boy that she loved, Peter.  After doing some investigating with Snow, Red thought that the wolf was actually Peter (like a werewolf).  But when Red tied him up to stop him from hurting anyone, the plan backfired, since it turns out that Red was actually the wolf.  Granny revealed to Snow that Red and her mother and grandfather had all been werewolves.  Despite Red killing Peter, Snow managed to get Red out of the woods before the hunting party came upon them. Read More...



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