'Celebrity Apprentice': Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti stall out


The internet's been abuzz for the last few weeks about how nonexistent Michael Andretti has been on "The Celebrity Apprentice," and although a car-driven task could have been his chance for a big breakout on the show, it instead sent him -- and his project manager Adam Carolla -- home, perhaps undeservedly. Granted viewers didn't see much of Michael in the first three episodes of the new season of "The Celebrity Apprentice," but perhaps with good reason. It's obvious to anyone who watches the show, or any reality show for that matter, that the squeakiest wheels get the grease -- i.e., the loudest, most abrasive, most flamboyant, etc. members of the teams get the most airtime. And the retired IndyCar racer didn't even intend to go on "The Celebrity Apprentice;" he was filling in for his son, Marco, an IndyCar Series driver who was scheduled to start filming for Donald Trump's show hours after the...



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