Mob Wives Season 2: Crusty Crotch Has One Nut

A vacation episode of a reality show can bring out both the good and bad about that particular group dynamic. The stress of getting together a trip puts people on edge and having a bunch of people on edge in close quarters with one another can only lead to more bust-ups and dust-ups. However, you have to wonder just how much of what we see will transfer over to "real life"; the structure of a show like Mob Wives can change quite frequently, so the effects of time away from Staten Island can end up not meaning much in the grander scheme of the season.

I don't know if what happened in tonight's episode of Mob Wives will linger for the remaining episodes in season 2, but man, did a lot happen nonetheless. I had been worried about the show just spinning its wheels, content to be more of a threat than a right hook across the cheek, but all it took was gathering most of the cast and putting them in a run-down cabin in the Poconos to produce an exciting episode. Renee was undoubtedly the MVP of the night, going off her antidepressants and, subsequently, the deep end, just keeping herself from being foaming-at-the-mouth angry a majority of the time. I thought her hatred of anything in the woods, though, was quite funny and charming, the "good" in Renee outshining the "bad" for a few brief moments. When Renee is calm and clear, she's darling to watch, but when she gets as aggressive and hateful as she did tonight, it's hard to remember the good about her. The thing in the bar with the squirrel guy is a prime example, as it didn't need to go as far as she made it go; I understand being uncomfortable and wanting to speak up about it, but there's being assertive and there's being a lunatic. Nevermind that (producer-influenced) situation was a retread from last season, it just made Renee look horrible. As much as she bemoans "the life", she's very quick to threaten people who remotely upset her with the wrath of Junior, a sign that she's not as ready to separate herself from her past as she's previously indicated. Read More..


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