House of Lies Review: Defending Your Life

While the title of this week's episode, "Ouroboros" was anything but subtle, it worked on just about every level of the story we were treaed to. The most generic application would be relating Marty to the snake eating its own tail as we continued this week to watch him sweat out the merger. His own voracious pursuit of clients caused him to lose the ten million dollar Pfizer account and all but sealed his fate in Skip's mind.

The Ouroboros also represents the cyclical nature of things, a return to one's beginning which is what we saw as Marty and his Pod were forced to essentially interview for their jobs again like they probably did right out of business school. Last week Jeannie grilled young prospects with case questions, but this time she was in the line of fire as a seemingly jealous classmate of Wes's trained her sights on our girl. Read More...


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