‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 2, Episode 12, ‘Better Angels’: TV Recap

Was there an event in this episode that flipped Shane’s switch, pushing him to embrace the monstrous depths of his cold-blooded self and plot the murder of his best friend? Or had it been his ambition to kill Rick all along and the events of this episode simply offered the best chance?



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Mar 17, 2012 1:44AM EDT

This isn't the first time Shane has tried to kill Rick. There was a time I'm pretty sure it was in season 1 he was going to do it, but rick realized what was going on and Shane didn't have as much resolve as this time and he backed down. It's very clear when Shane thinks his life is threatened he's willing to kill someone else to survive, like when they first came to the farm and he sacrificed , man I can't remember his name. He sees the way Rick leads the group as a threat to all of their live and he definitely wants Laurie for himself. This has been building since early in season 1, as far back as when rick first joined the group. Shane crossed a lot of lines since then and I think it was becoming more and more clear to Rick he was eventually going to have to kill him or be killed.

The thing that is most curious here, though, is that Shane immediately became a walker. He hadn't been bitten or anything. Does this mean his killing ways are related to the virus that creates walkers? Could he have had some sort of partial immunity or a weak version of it and managed to stay alive? Could he be a carrier of it? Can't wait to see where their going with this.

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