The Secret Circle Preview: John Blackwell's Back and He's Stirring Up Trouble

The Secret Circle returns from a short hiatus this week with a new episode called "Lucky".  That seems to be a bit of a misnomer though, since most of the residents of Chance Harbor aren't very lucky to have John Blackwell back in town.  In the last episode, Blackwell returned and confronted his daughter, telling her that he had been drawn by the power of the medallion.  He was desperate to have her keep his return to town a secret, but she immediately told Adam.  After escaping a group of witch hunters, Blackwell seems determined to get to know Cassie.

In the March 15 episode of The Secret Circle, not everyone is convinced that Blackwell is back in town to do good.  Cassie finds him sneaking around the abandoned house and Adam tells her that Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches’ powers.  Clearly Adam is convinced that Blackwell is up to his old tricks.  Meanwhile, Blackwell reintroduces himself to Dawn, while Faye is shocked to meet Eva at Lee's house.  Diana also finds herself a new love interest when Melissa encourages her to date a "normal" boy and introduces her to Grant (guest star Tim Phillipps), the new boy in town. Read More...


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