The Good Wife Recap: The Law Is a Strange, Sex-Addled Thing

Forget Colin Sweeney and his lovechild with Brody’s wife from Homeland (Morena Baccarin, who seems to be reprising her role as the crazy-eyed girl from the coffee shop Marshall dates in his brief hiatus from Lily on How I Met Your Mother, circa 2006. Yes, I have watched every episode of that show, and so can you, thanks to Netflix streaming. Enjoy.). The biggest shock of the night was Caitlin pulling an Alicia and deciding to leave the law to get married and have a kid. Only on The Good Wife would that decision come off as more of a scandal than a woman performing oral sex on a wife killer in a restaurant bathroom, then holding his sperm in her mouth just long enough to artificially inseminate herself with a turkey baster. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Read More...


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