Eastbound & Down Recap: Viking Funeral

This week we gain a more sophisticated understanding of death, infidelity, mysticism, fatherhood, Pearl Jam and how twins work. We are also reminded that, of these concepts, the only one Kenny Powers understands is Pearl Jam, and only sort of.

So yeah, Kenny turns around and sees that Shane is dead. Does our hero panic? Does he call 911? No; he finishes the rest of the yay, wipes down the table, and arranges Shane's body on the sofa with a book. I just unsuccessfully rewound it at least four times trying to figure out what the book was, but whatever it is, it is the color of over-the-counter energy pills. In three seasons, we've come to know Kenny and his specific delusions intimately, so we know he loved his buddy Shane and genuinely, unironically considers this a Viking fucking funeral. Even though just before he leaves Shane's corpse there, he asks it if he can have his truck. (It does not say no.)

However, back at home, not even ownership of the Pussy Rocket can assuage Kenny of the burgeoning fear that a curse from baby Toby is causing the all the Sturm und Drang in his life. In order to appease his infant son/the gods, he buys Toby his first pet, a hermit crab named Spurgeon ("With a name like Spurgeon, you know he gets pussy," exclaims Stevie, who's been getting restless with his own sexless marriage to Mexican Grimace). Read More...



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