Smash Sneak Peeks: Ivy Loses Her Voice...Will She Pull a "Marilyn" Too?

Ivy may be sleeping with the director but, as we've seen in previous episodes of Smash, she is definitely not feeling secure in the role of Marilyn, or in her relationship with Derek.  Her stress seems to manifest itself tonight when she loses her biggest asset for the role: her voice.  But shockingly, that's not even her biggest problem...she also explodes at Derek in tonight's episode when he pushes her too far.

"While we're stopped, I have a thought.  Maybe you could give me notes without publicly humiliating me at the same time," Ivy explodes during rehearsal.  "And maybe you could remember that artists are not football players who can take endless abuse and still do their jobs."  Ivy's insecurity and anger bleeds through as she taunts Karen to do a better job at playing Marilyn.  Then she storms off in anger after revealing her affair with Derek to everyone and calling him a "narcissistic prick". Will all of her recent stress turn her to pills, like Marilyn used to cope with her own problems?

Meanwhile, Eileen grows closer to Ellis when she hangs out at a downtown dive bar with him and explores her inner hipster.  Julia also tried to avoid Michael, but he continues to pursue her, even at rehearsal.

Watch three sneak peeks below for tonight's all new episode of Smash, airing at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.


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