'Pretty Little Liars': An arresting development


So when we last left the "Pretty Little Liars," it was revealed that the day she died, Alison was dropped off in an airfield outside the city hours before any of them thought she got back from Hilton Head. In the A department, Alison appears to Spencer as dream and tells her they're getting warmer. Or maybe she's not a dream, since in the morning the door's ajar and the pain pill bottle Alison was digging in has the top off.The Liars realize Alison and A were corresponding via the classifieds and trace their meeting over to Spruce St., where that doll shop is. The old lady there has a grandson named Seth who recognizes Alison (as Vivian) and says he saw that a man and a woman were going to do something bad to her. He also knew she was buried alive, a detail the police never leaked.Spencer confronts Melissa about the video from...



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