Review: The Voice - Battle Round #2

The question coming in to tonight's Voice was whether the battles could possibly match the quality of last week's showdowns.  The answer: not so much.  But that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to talk about.

The night started off with Team Cleavage (Team Christina) choosing 51 year-old Geoff McBride to face off against hotel receptionist Sera Hill. These were two really powerful voices, but Geoff thought he might have an advantage given that the song Christina chose, Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools is almost as old as he is.

Geoff is paired with Lionel Richie, again because he's like totally old, and the moment he starts singing Richie flees in panic while flapping his arms around like some kind of extinct bird.  Lionel then shows us how much he's actually been paying attention to the show by asking Geoff to remove his sunglasses when he performs even though it will burn the crap out of his eyes.  Sera meets with Jewel who approves of Sera's head bob and Christina calls her voice "crispy" most likely because she's actually daydreaming about KFC.  The battle begins with Christina's top somehow being even more revealing than last week's even though it seems to defy all the laws of physics.  Geoff really brings it, taking Richie's advice to rip off his shades and it's hard to tell if he's really feeling the emotion of the song or if he's in a lot of agony.  Who Should've Won: Sera  Who Actually Wins: Sera.  This was perhaps the toughest battle of the night and it's a shame to see Geoff go but Sera was just smoother and her stage performance is rather effortless.  Cee Lo tells his cat that Geoff had more soul and Purrfect nods approvingly. Read More...


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