Pretty Little Liars Review: "If These Dolls Could Talk"

After weeks of patient viewing, the show really kicks it into high gear. Pretty Little Liars offered us an hour packed with tense drama, tragic romance, and one of the creepiest doll scenes ever! "If These Dolls Could Talk" brings us back to that scary doll hospital, introduces us to some new characters, and revisits our usual suspects. With the big reveal just a week away, tonight's episode gave us a lot of teases about A's identity. BUT it's up to us to look really closely at each suspected A. 

First off, how unnerving were those scenes in the doll hospital? The owner was extremely unhelpful (and we definitely found out why), but the biggest clues (or misdirects) came from a little boy named Seth. He claimed to remember Ali and to know who was after her - a dark-haired woman and man. When he said the girl was not blind, the girls began to suspect Melissa. It seemed easy to dismiss him and his apparent visions...until he mentioned that Ali died from breathing in dirt. That little piece of information wasn't released to the press and it was something only the killer would know. Or a psychic? Could Seth really "see" things? Paranormal matters have never really been a part of this teen drama, so it's kind of weird that the show would head in that direction now. Read More...


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