'Bachelor' finale recap: Before, During and After the Final Rose

We start our three-hour "Bachelor" extravaganza with "Before the After the Rose." This is usually referred to as "the finale," but now that everyone who has been in a grocery check-out aisle in the last three months knows who wins, it is all really just two hours of fluff leading to the "After the Final Rose" reunion. ABC dusts off the old "Bachelor" finale music, and we're on our way. Tonight, Ben must choose between two. Cut to Lindzi leaning against a railing with a cup of coffee, smiling -- not too big, just enough, yes, like that. Cut to Courtney petting a cat. Cue meow sound effect. Cut to Ben with suitcase. End with the ubiquitous David Grey song. Lindzi meets Ben's mom and sister first. She is so nervous that she keeps dropping utensils at dinner. Mom asks what she sees in Ben. "He's, like, one of those people you just don't want to stop talking to? It's hard to find that? It's amazing? I love the person he is?"Ben's sister, Julia, asks Lindzi a few questions about how she feels about Ben, but once that is out of the way, she is ready to gossip about Courtney. Read More...

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