Survivor: One World “A Bunch of Idiots” Review

Survivor started out tonight’s episode, appropriately titled "A Bunch of Idiots", by recapping all of the madness that happened last week. I’m still reeling from the stupidity of the guys’ in last week’s installment, and my hatred for Colton was renewed all over again when this episode started again.

Thankfully, Colton got a nice little helping of karma this week as he got dealt to a much weaker tribe and lost his old camp. It was like night and day watching the camp life of Salani and Manono. Salani was eating PB&J sandwiches, crab, freshly caught chicken, and are a much stronger team physically. Manono, on the other hand, were stumbling around their camp trying to set up their shelter and complaining about their predicament. Read More... 


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