Modern Family “Send Out The Clowns” Review

I’ve always loved when Fizbo would appear in episodes of Modern Family. His appearances would usually be so unexpected and goofy that the simple image of Cam in his full clown get up was enough to induce laughter. In tonight’s episode, "Send Out The Clowns," Cam spent most of his time in the Fizbo getup and while the opening scenes at the funeral were absurdly funny, the clown thing got a little old after a while.

The Fizbo and Lewis reunion show seemed like it would be an entertaining bit, but I think part of the problem for me was that I don’t find clowns to be very funny in and of themselves. Cam is hilarious, and I enjoyed Bobby Cannavale as Lewis, but all that clown makeup obscured the subtle facial expressions and wayward glances that these actors are so good at. I didn’t really get Cam-as-Fizbo-the-clown as much as I got Fizbo, the average birthday party clown. Read More... 


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