'Supernatural' preview: Misha Collins returns as Castiel... with Meg!


"Supernatural" fans have been waiting for Castiel (Misha Collins) to return to the series since his last appearance in the second episode of the season, when the Leviathan monsters possessed his body and walked it to the bottom of a lake. Now, the countdown is on. Collins will come back in "The Born-Again Identity," the March 23 episode, and he'll appear in two more episodes this season. When Sam has to be institutionalized after completely losing grasp on reality, Dean scours Bobby's old contacts for help, which leads him to Castiel. As the title implies, Castiel has no memory of actually being Castiel. Dean's old friend is living as a healer (with a few other intriguing powers) but has no idea that he's an angel, or who Dean is. Given the fact that Castiel is the one who knocked down the wall in Sam's head in the first place, he's likely the only person who...



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