Smash Recap: What Is This Bar Mitzvah You Speak Of?

"When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." It’s not the most philosophically profound statement in all of Rodgers and Hammerstein — that honor belongs to "I do not believe such thing as snow," particularly as played for all its bleakly Kierkegaardian subtext by a 9-year-old Rachel Shukert in an Omaha community theater production of The King and I, featuring accents that would have put the Shitty Wok guy from South Park to shame. (It was a different time.) But Fraülein Maria’s Alpine wisdom possesses a certain folksy logic all its own. God sends the Nazis to invade Austria, but he leads you across the mountains to Switzerland, or allows you to trade an entire lifetime’s worth of accumulated wealth for a single emergency exit visa to Uruguay, or caused a Gentile peasant farmer to line a rat-infested crawl space with hay for you to hide in until the initial roundup is over or made your once cozy life such a living hell that death seems like a blessing. (Yes, I have been reading The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn again; what made you ask?) And sometimes, just sometimes, after the miracle of modern medicine dashes any thought of usurpation by restoring your rival’s voice to her, some Jew with a business card shows up to make all your dreams come true. Read More...


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