Lucy Hale Talks Ezria's Future On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Things got pretty sexy on last night's "Pretty Little Liars." Sure, Ezra might be unemployed thanks to Professor Montgomery’s constant need to meddle parent, but that doesn’t mean Ezra and his lady love Aria are willing to give up on one another (or give up on hooking up with one another as evidenced by that clothes-free make-out session).

And, as Lucy Hale told MTV News recently, she feels that no matter how many obstacles come in between Aria and Ezra, "I feel like it’s never over for them."

While things seem to be on the upswing for the constantly more public and always-controversial couple, Lucy admitted that it took a while for Ezra to be a man about the relationship and stand up for it. She was getting kind of tired of always having to be the one to defend the pairing to their biggest critics, her small-screen parents. "Aria always gets the bad end of the stick," she joked. "Let’s look at Ezra. Man up!"

Well, with Ezra officially manning up, it seems anything is possible for the adorable twosome. "I don’t know [what will happen on the show]. I want to see—I’m a huge Ezria fan," she said of the Aria-Ezra romance. "I’d like to see them sort of be at peace in their relationship, but, of course, it’s 'PLL' and it’s television, so there always has to be drama. I don’t know. I’d like to see them settle down, I guess. Not like marriage, but take the next step to sort of being an official couple."

Their future may remain a mystery for a bit longer, but the biggest mystery of all—the identity of trouble-making, all-knowing A—will be revealed next week, during the show’s season two finale.

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