Pretty Little Liars 2.24 Review: Wicked Games

Well, I will be damned. Last night, Pretty Little Liars dropped enough bombshells in its penultimate episode that left this writer's mouth on the floor the entire episode. And we still have the finale and A's reveal to look for! So let's list the top things about last night's episode and discuss who A could be.

The (Wicked) Eyes Have It

As soon as Jenna started crying after taking off her bandages, I knew the heifer had regained her sight. But the amazing thing about the troublemaker's rediscovered vision is how she's completely duped everyone, including Toby, about her condition. What does this mean? She can wreck more havoc on her enemies without them even knowing she's got her eye on them in the most wicked way possible. Jenna's first casualty was Garrett, which begs the question on what exactly happened between those two for Jenna to throw Garrett to the wolves. A part of me feels that we won't exactly get the full story of that fallout, but best believe it was a bonafide whiplash moment that I didn't see coming. And what about the crucial piece of evidence in Page 5? I could've sworn it was allegedly destroyed at one time, but I might have gotten my documents switched up. Speaking of Officer Reynolds and his weird love life...


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