Southland Review: Krazy But Deadly

Every decision has consequences. "Risk" comes with being a cop. Sometimes the dangers come from out of no where while in other instances too much confidence can be deadly.

For such a smart woman, Lydia's been acting reckless all season. She's hidden her pregnancy even when the signs have become obvious to those around her. She's put herself at risk time and time again. 

I know how much she loves her job but at some point she has to choose. If she wants to carry this pregnancy to term there are precautions that need to be taken. There's a reason why the department puts pregnant women on desk duty and Lydia's had enough close calls to realize that. A few months off the street might not be pleasant but a miscarriage in her second trimester would be devastating.

Apparently it took damn near dying to drive that point home. Read More...


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