Psych “Shawn and the Real Girl” Review

This week’s episode of Psych, called "Shawn and The Real Girl" would probably have been a heck of a lot funnier if I’d watched The Bachelor, since it was based on that popular reality TV show. Not that I’m saying it wasn’t funny, I’m just saying it would have been even more comical. I could just tell that there were jokes going right over my head. Luckily I do watch enough reality TV to get most of them though.

After a reality TV star gets into a suspicious car accident and ends up in a coma, Shawn comes up with a wacky plan (and with Shawn, is there any other kind?) to go on the show with Gus so they can investigate more closely. Trouble is, the show is all about a woman trying to find her true love, and obviously Juliet isn’t too keen on having her man playing an eligible bachelor. And though Shawn tries his best to act like a jerk so that the bachelorette won’t like him, it seems to only attract her all the harder. Read More... 


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