CSI “Trends with Benefits” Review

Jumping on the Twitter and TMZ bandwagons a couple of years late, this week’s episode of CSI, "Trends with Benefits," was all about the pervasive and ultimately destructive nature of social media and our gossip-obsessed culture.

After the Perez Hilton of WLVU was discovered beneath a bridge with a crushed skull, the entire campus became a suspect as most of them had a reason to want him silenced forever. I pretty much pegged the instructor as the most likely suspect right away, so I was pleasantly surprised when he only turned out to be a slimeball rapist.

The CSI’s discovered that the victim had set up a camera in his professor’s office to observe his student-teacher relations, only he ended up filming the man raping one of the girls in his class. In a moment of humanity, he confronted his mentor, only to get beat up for his efforts. He then tried to go directly to the victim, who was about to jump off a bridge, but ended up accidentally going over the edge after she noticed his phone in his hand and assumed he was recording her. Read More...



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