Grey’s Anatomy “One Step Too Far” Review

It’s been a while since Grey’s Anatomy gave Alex a wildly inappropriate love interest; it’s nice to see him back in his wheel house. It seems he’s only able to be a decent human being when dealing with sick kids or emotionally damaged women, and with Morgan and her tiny, tiny baby he gets a two for one deal. The look of realization dawning on his face when he saw the picture of Morgan, baby, and him as the stand in father was so painful it was funny, but he didn’t look like he was going to run for the hills, so maybe he’ll keep this awkward budding romance going.

Sloan’s childish remarks about Avery’s sex life (or lack of sex life) did add a little needed comic relief, and his mom’s spy’s tirade about his assumption she was there to get him in bed was also pretty funny, but the fact that they do end up sleeping together dampened their subversive spirit. What if his mother was so smart that’s what she was planning all along? Read More... 


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