Private Practice “The Letting Go” Review

This week on Private Practice we were introduced to Dr.Reiley’s daughter-in the most awkward way possible. It’s not that no teenagers have the kind of relationship with their parents that they’d tell them they’d lost their virginity, not even that no teenage daughter has that relationship with her father (though I think they are rare). It’s that no daughter would be that excited to share and seem to expect her father to be excited about his little girls budding sex life too. The whole thing was painful to watch, and that was before he bought her the condoms.

The doctors of Private Practice don’t just have crazy tangled love lives, they have no manners about those tangles. For instance, it’s not polite to have deep, meaningful looks with her husband over your boyfriend’s sickbed. It’s also not polite to repeatedly say you’re having the love of your life’s baby to a different guy who loves you. You could see the life leaving Sheldon’s eyes every time Amelia repeated "Ryan’s baby." His offer of baggy clothes and a hideaway so Amelia wouldn’t have to tell baby-hungry Addison she’s pregnant was sweet, but just acted as another example of how poor doormat Sheldon seems determined to put himself in situations that get his heart trampled on. Read More... 


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