'American Idol' Live Recap: The Top 12 Finalists Perform

This week, the Top 12 sing songs from the year they were born. This can either act as a demonstration that the late 80's and 90's were not a great time for music, or it can allow some to shine by making a dated song their own. Each of the early weeks has its own pitfalls that the contestant needs to avoid--singing the same type of song week after week, not making the song their own, and as always, song choice. The only reason I'm giving it such gravity is because I've been reading the Hunger Games trilogy and now I see each of the Top 12 as tributes, and Ryan Seacrest as the Head Gamemaker. Or maybe Caesar Flickerman. But I digress.

The drama has started tonight before we even get a chance to hear them sing, because TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jones will be kicked off for lying about his criminal past. Where do we go from here? Will he still sing? Only time/Ryan Seacrest will tell.



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