South Park Season Premiere Review: You Can Always Sue Somebody

Oh Clyde.  Fear not.  Your mother, Betsey Donovan, did not die in vain.  Her passing taught us all a valuable lesson.

What that shelf behind toilet seats is really for.  No, not for housing any plumbing equipment.  It's somewhere to place your comic books while you straddle your toilet seat "Reverse Cowgirl" style.  Oh and what a glory hole is really for.  Hint: not your penis.

Well clearly Stone and Parker have been dealing with a combination of some nagging girlfriends and your standard air travel violations.

Strapping yourself in to your toilet after having your anus inspected?  Only slightly less painful than air travel or "The Entity."

I thought the shots at TSA, although not as timely as some other South Park efforts, were pretty hilarious.

Clearly things were a satire to some of the more recent changes at airports from the inappropriate pat downs to the full body x-rays.  Who does get to see those full body x-rays of us that we have to stick our hands in the air so long for?  Read More...


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