'America's Next Top Model: British Invasion' Recap: Super Heroes, Subpar Modeling and a Superb Meltdown

Things are really kicked into high gear on ANTM:BI this week. And by "high gear," I mean "high crazy." Maybe this show's still got it after all!

Now, when an American or British girl wins best photo of the week, her "team" gets a prize. For her "genius upside down" winning shot last week -- I doubt you need me to point out why hanging upside down out of a crib with Kris Jenner doesn't exactly qualify as "genius" -- Laura wins a box full of clothes for the American girls. But the Brits shant be bother'd! They decide to play a "prank" on the Yanks by running into their room at night and throwing "little balls of paper" at them. So basically their "prank" is to wake up the Americans with their squeals while gently grazing their bodies (but more likely them missing entirely) with featherweight balls of ineffectiveness.

Do they not have pranks in England? Because you're doing it wrong, ladies. Still, that gives me a good idea for a Crank Yankers spin-off, called Yank Prankers (TM).



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