It's a Terrible Life

I was watching "It's a Terrible Life" snickering like an idiot at all the non-Dean things Dean was doing as well as Sam and Dean's fascination with the supernatural. One of the best parts was the cameo of the Ghostfacers!

Anyway, as everybody knows, Winchester, the boys' last name, is also the name of the ever-popular rifle that is coined as "The Gun that Won the West". Why is this relevant? Well, as I was enthralled by the opening scene of business-Dean I noticed his last name was Smith. At first glance, Smith doesn't seem like an exciting last name; however, one must take into account business-Sam's name in this episode: Wesson.

I am not stranger with various firearm type and brands, so after watching this episode recently I noticed the irony in the two names.

If you do not understand, don't worry. Most others probably won't either. Well, to enlighten you, Smith & Wesson is the most popular type of handgun in the United States.

Personally, I thought it was particularly funny because the two "strangers" teamed up to fight ghosts in some type of big business building. The team of Smith and Wesson, two seemingly normal, everyday people, going off against the spirit of workaholic business man eventually discovering that they are better off hunting ghosts rather than working in cubicles or worrying about carbs.

This episode may not have been the best one of the season, but it did shed some light on how the boys were destined to hunt the paranormal and save the world from hell on earth.


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