Suburgatory 1.17 "Independence Day" Review

Every now and then, there's that episode (like tonight's Suburgatory) that hints at more than it shows. Instead of taking two or three of the ideas machine gunned out and running with them, the episode opts to keep churning out the concepts and not flesh anything out too much. Of course, there's only so much fleshing out you can do on a high energy sitcom like Suburgatory, but a little bit can certainly go a long way.

"Independence Day" pumped out quirky, cool ideas for its colorful cast of characters, but a lot of them felt a little half-formed. There wasn't anything introduced in the episode that I found that objectionable or overly silly, but we barely got to spend time with any of them in order to make that type of value judgment. For example, the appearance by Robin Givens (giving good camp) felt a little wasted, as Dallas having a rival like that could make for a lot of fun, especially a rival that harkens back to her time at college. Tulsa didn't even make that much of an impact in her brief time on the episode; in a sense, she was only there to answer the question of who Steven cheated with, a way to slam the door shut at a possible reconciliation. But there wasn't that much of a sting because we didn't know her and she was gone by the time she finished her insult about M/L panties. I'm fairly certain that Dallas's new crystal store will be around, at least through the end of the season, but it was probably the main culprit of the storylines put out there and then buried. The opening of the store could have been an episode unto itself, but minus a few Joy Behar jokes and Tessa's job interview, it was just kind of...there. In an already overstuffed episode of gags, it may have been better to keep this on the bench for a minute, only to give it the episode time it deserved. Read More...


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