Modern Family Recap: Drunken Clowns

When Phil Dunphy asks the always-crafty Luke what his trick is to summon fake tears, Luke solemnly replies, "The Three Stooges are all dead." So let’s consider last night’s episode of Modern Family, directed by show creator Steven Levitan, an homage to those masters of physical comedy. Here was an episode that unabashedly favored broad humor over any pretense of subtlety, that featured dramatic falls into shrubbery, grocery store capers, and Manny cheering away at a sparklers-wielding, booty-shaking junior high mascot (go Franklin Mustangs!). Oh, and did we mention the actual clowns? Because there were many of them, and not one clown joke went untold. There were pratfalls and spit takes galore, rubber horns a-honking, balloon animals, even a Mini Cooper as a modern-day clown car. If it wasn’t the most inspired show of the season, it was undeniably fun to see the cast — along with two glorious guest stars — be as wacky as they wanted to be. Read More...


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