This is one of the best shows ever! i already saw all their episodes and i wish there were more. At first i liked Family Guy better but NOW i like American Dad much more! just like others say "funny but sofisticated jokes" and i guess political too... its like coparing a smart joke that makes you think with the funny sound of a fart hahahah.. both are still funny lollll



Jul 25, 2008 2:02AM EDT

I haven't heard many a Family Guy fan say they like American Dad! better! I think American Dad is pretty funny, but I think Family Guy is much more clever. I can definitely see your points on American Dad's awesomeness, though!

Default avatar cat
Jul 25, 2008 12:56PM EDT

Lol i know, I noticed that too :pWell the other reason why is cuz i kind of got tired of Family Guy you know? with the "like the time I.." but i still love it of course.. i guess i could say i get more entertained when watching American Dad, but i laugh more often when watching Family Guy (that explains my joke about the fart sound lolll)

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