'American Idol' recap: The jig is up

First, the big news: "Idol" opens with Ryan Seacrest telling us someone has been eliminated from the competition because of "information obtained with the cooperation of law enforcement." Oooh, juicy! I won't make you wait until the middle of the recap to reveal what it is (like the Seacrest did): Jermaine Jones got the boot. Apparently Jermaine, if that's his real name, fancies using fake monikers all over town, which is rather illegal. And there was an incident with a fight. The point being there are four outstanding warrants for Jermaine's arrest, so Nigel Lythgoe tells he is prohibited from continuing in the competition. The guy looked genuinely terrified and sad that he'd been found out, and on national television no less. He seems like a good guy, so hopefully he has a strong career in music ahead of him - one where he can use his own name.Tonight's format involves the contestants singing songs from the year they were born. But guess what? Most of the songs they perform are really covers of songs originally performed long before they were born. "Endless Love" is stated to be a Mariah Carey ballad, but I think Diana Ross would beg to differ. Read More...

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