'The Secret Circle': Daddy issues plague Chance Harbor -- so when will we find out the second Blackwell child?


There is no shortage of daddy issues on "The Secret Circle," and now that the mysterious John Blackwell has returned to Chance Harbor to protect his daughter, Cassie -- or so he says -- those hang-ups are going to complicate the lives of the witches even further.We spoke with executive producer Andrew Miller this week, and we had to ask him about where Blackwell stands as a villain. We'd been expecting a formidable force to be reckoned with, but when Blackwell showed up... he was rather unimposing. He can't do magic, and he needed his daughter's friends to save him from some witch hunters. Not exactly the threat we'd been expecting."He's had 16 years, and, in our world, 16 episodes, of expectations building up," Miller tells us. "We wanted to mess with those expectations, not only for the characters but also the audience. On Cassie's emotional journey -- that we're racing toward the finish line...



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