Smash Sneak Peeks: Bernadette Peters Guest Stars (and Sings!) as Ivy's Mother

All of the rehearsals are coming to a head on the March 19 episode of Smash.  This is what they've all been working for: The Workshop.

Eileen has arranged for a group of investors to be formally introduced to "Marilyn: The Musical" and this is the opportunity for Ivy, Michael and the ensemble to shine in order to secure some proper funding for the show.  But, like the process so far, the workshop presentation won't be smooth sailing.

One of the problems involves Bernadette Peters, who will be making a guest appearance as Ivy's mother, Leigh.  As it turns out, Leigh used to be a Broadway star and Ivy has spent her life living in the shadows.  "How can I be anything when you're always here sucking up the light like a black hole?!" Ivy shouts.  "You say something cruel every day when you're not ignoring me.  You're my mother and you cannot even say one kind word."  Ivy quickly realizes how similar her situation with her mother is to Marilyn's relationship with her mother. Read More...


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