The Good Wife: Series Renewal Means More Law, Love and Political Liaisons

Fans of The Good Wife can officially rejoice: the show has been renewed for a fourth season!  For people who have followed The Good Wife for years, this news shouldn’t be surprising (though, admittedly, welcomed), but for those who strictly track ratings, this show can often be found "on the bubble."  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The Good Wife has everything going for it, including an undeniable knack for drama, charm and wit, all rolled into a tidy package earmarked for endlessly enjoyable Sunday nights.  Okay, that could be the only downfall of the show: Its Sunday night time slot often results in scheduling conflicts on the east coast, caused by everything from football to golf (seriously… golf?  The only thing that could be worse would be being delayed by bowling… or billiards).  While the delays can be frustrating, it hasn’t deterred diehard fans one bit. Read More...


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