'Awake': Are viewers 'Guilty' of impatience with Michael Britten?


"One thing I've learned is patience." -- John Cooper"Awake" viewers could learn a thing or two from John Cooper, the convict who kidnapped Michael Britten's (Jason Isaacs) son, Rex (Dylan Minnette), in one world on Thursday's (March 15) episode and gave Britten the information to locate him in the other one. Watching -- or rather, enjoying -- the NBC show is all about patience and, as the first three episodes have proven, not just about trying to figure out which reality is the real one and which is a dream.That said, each of the 13 episodes in the season, which as Isaacs says, are basically like 13 separate movies, do act as building blocks on one another, allowing viewers to collect clues.So what clues did episode 3, "Guilty," give fans about the state of affairs in Britten's dual realities?- Isaacs has previously said that the writers have license to do more and more outrageous things...



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