'The Office': Andy gets the girl, but does he lose his job?


"The Office" opened Thursday (March 15) night with an exciting announcement: A balloon that's been in the rafters for a long time is falling, and after bidding farewell to Steve Carell and soon James Spader, one can't help but wonder if the balloon is a metaphor for "The Office" itself. Here's hoping the show doesn't meet the same fate as the balloon -- being run over by a forklift."Get the Girl" features a lovestruck Andy (Ed Helms) driving from Scranton to Tallahassee to get Erin (Ellie Kemper) and bring her home. However, in his absence, Nellie (Catherine Tate), fresh off her turn at Sabre, has shown up at the Scranton office and, without Andy there and without Robert (Spader) willing to tell her otherwise, she opts to step in as manager and promptly begins reviews -- based on first impressions. Raises (which one assumes she can't actually dole out) and praise abounds, quickly winning...



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