The Office “Get the Girl” Review

As Jim aptly wondered, what is going on at The Office?!?!

The cold open with the falling balloon was so funny and classic Office. Destroying that balloon was as magical as the moment when the cube on the dvd screensaver finally hit the corner of the tv screen several seasons ago. Like Kevin once said, "dude, you gotta believe."

This review is probably going to be a series of "what the hell…" observations as it was a recurring theme in tonight’s episode. To begin, what the hell is going on with Tony Toby? Seriously? Is he trying to take on a new identity without anyone noticing? I looked past those huge glasses but you can’t just go giving out a new name, especially when it is so close to your actual name. I’m not convinced that was a slip up. I think Toby was really trying to flip the script on us. Read More... 


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