The Vampire Diaries “1912? Review

The Vampire Diaries is back this week with the aptly titled ’1912?. We get to see the Salvatores’ return to Mystic Falls one hundred years ago after the murder of a family descendant. While they learn that other founder’s council members have been killed, they don’t learn who killed them. It must be said that their attempts to find out were negligible — Damon was distracted by a female boxing vampire called Sage and Stefan was about to become his ripper-self.

Back in the present day, Alaric wakes up in a cell and learns that Dr Fell has accused him of murder. Sheriff Forbes seems to believe her, but Dr Fell eventually forges a letter changing the time of death of her boyfriend and thereby gives Alaric an alibi. Why? Because she wanted to divert attention away fromAlaric so that they could deal with the real issue at hand — Alaric is being mindwhammied by his resurrection ring. Elena, who (along with Matt) found a journal belonging to an ancestor after breaking into Dr Fell’s apartment, agrees with her theory. It seems like the 1912 murders may have beencommitted by a Gilbert who was also mindwhammied by the ring. Read More... 


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