The Secret Circle “Lucky” Review

The Secret Circle is back with ‘Lucky’, another imaginatively titled episode. But while the title sucks, the episode didn’t. In fact I’d go so far as to say it was pretty good, which, if you’ve read my previous reviews, is something of a miracle. The problem is that I still want the circle kids to be taken out by a witch hunter or ten; practically everyone else in this show is more interesting than they are.

This week saw Cassie uncovering who sold out her mother’s circle (it was Ethan – sorta), Diana gaining anew love interest, and Lee’s ex-comatose newly-witchy girlfriend finding out about his relationship with Faye (she then mummified him).

So, here’s the thing about Cassie — I find her aggravating. Which is a shame since I loved her early on in the series, but now she just my father‘s all the time and shows off her dark magic and then angsts about it. The boat fire, Amelia, the ‘who sold out the circle’ mystery, all of it makes up a really good plot. But I think if it was John, Ethan, Dawn and Charles getting into the action it would be a hell of a lot better. Read More... 


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