Supernatural “Out With The Old” Review

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural, called "Out With The Old" is about a bunch of old stuff that was hidden away and then comes back to hurt people. A dancer dances her feet off thanks to a cursed pair of toe shows (which I’m still sort of sad never ended up on Dean’s feet) and other things, like a tea kettle and gramophone, do some dirty deeds as well.

But there’s a lot more going on than just a bunch of cursed objects. First of all poor Sam is not doing well at all. Now that Lucifer is inside his melon, he’s gotten himself nice and comfortable and won’t even let Sammy sleep. There’s not much Dean can do about it, but I did wonder a few times why he didn’t seem more concerned. Then again, Sam is pretty good at hiding what’s really happening with him, so maybe Dean just couldn’t see the scary truth – that he’s very close to losing his baby brother. Read More... 


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