Spartacus: Vengeance “Balance” Review

Words sometimes cannot describe how gleeful this show makes me. I sit on my couch in turns cackling with delight and It’s where I get my "Whoa," my "Yeah!" and my "OMFG—" fix, conveniently wrapped up in a sweat-soaked, blood-drenched, nearly-naked package.

Spartacus: Vengeance isn’t eye candy, it’s eye crack.

(Speaking of crack, loved the sound that accompanied the Egyptian giving that whorehouse patron’s head a 180.)

"The child is yours!" cried Ilithyia, granting herself yet another stay of execution. (If I’m forced to have one complaint, it’s the fact that they wrung the "Will Ilithyia be executed or not??" theme dry. Milked it a little, so to speak. After the fifth or sixth time, you’re just like, "I get it already, she’s in jeopardy!") But oh, Ilithyia. Viva! Bianca impresses, as always, and it was nice to see her acting outside of her plush little Roman comfort zone. Read More... 


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