The Simpsons “Them, Robot” Review

I know that Homer sleeping at work is nothing new on The Simpsons but it was pretty funny that a power outage indicated to Marge that he was sleeping on his side. Equally unsurprising yet still funny was Homer’s freak out upon learning that alcohol would be considered a drug for the purposes for a company physical. Can Homer survive 48 hours of sobriety when that time includes brunch with his sisters-in-law?

Poor Homer. He’s for the most part a beer man and mistakenly drinks mimosas, Irish coffee and a Long Island iced tea at brunch. I knew that nothing good would come from a brunch with Patty and Selma.

Frustrated with the weakness of his employees, which is due entirely to work-related conditions, Mr. Burns introduces a robot-based workforce into the nuclear power plant. Luckily for Homer, Mr. Burns decides that he needs to keep one sack of meat human on his workforce to sign for packages and perform tasks too important for a robot. Unfortunately for Smithers, he did not realize that he too would get the boot. Otherwise, he could have wisely suggested that Mr. Burns hire him for Homer’s new position. Read More... 


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