The Walking Dead “Beside the Dying Fire” Review

So the walkers (allegedly) followed a helicopter to Old Herschel’s Farm. Unfortunate!

And yet timely for our plot.

In "Beside the Dying Fire," the season-ending episode of The Walking Dead, the bloodbath began almost immediately as bodies began to pile up. Whatsisname (what was his name?) driving the RV got munched. Hell, we don’t need a name, right? We’ll call him Meal 1.

Herschel’s wife (whatsername?) was Meal 2. Loved the visual of her holding onto her daughter’s hand while her shredded jugular spurted her life out into the night sky.

Herschel was Meal 3, going out like he wante—NOPE. Sucks to be Herschel, I guess. A farming man without a farm, lost and left with only 2 daughters—and one, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is the only one worth a damn. Looks like he’s losing his faith pretty fast too. Read More... 


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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

I've just finished watching the episode! OMG! I have to say I agree with you on 'The Lori Problem'. What's wrong with her? First, she says to Rick that he has to deal with Shane and then she makes this all twisted face when she found out that Rick took the ONLY possible way to deal with him: KILLLING THE BASTARD! Sorry for that, i got carried away a bit, it's just it really got me on my nerves how she reacted, all of this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't felt lonely in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Moving forward a little, I really enjoyed the scene of the mysterious savior of Andrea, for a minute I thought we lost her too. But I read the comic so I'm happy M.......e has finally showed up, the same goes for the penitenciary, AND ONLY MILES AWAY!! :D
Looking forward next season! :D

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