Bob’s Burgers “Bob Day Afternoon” Review

I’m sure that many hard working small business owners can relate to Bob’s fiscal struggles as a restaurant owner and parent of three young children. Despite grilling the best burgers in town, Bob’s Burgers seems to have always been on the verge of financial ruin. Even living as frugally as they do, we’ve seen the Belchers behind on their rent and we’ve seen Bob working two full time jobs to make ends meet.

Bob can only keep the family burger joint afloat by limiting his staff to his unpaid wife and children while living in the apartment space above the restaurant. Their fiscal situation seems even more dire in "Bob Day Afternoon" after we learned that the family was also past due on 3 loans that they’re desperate to restructure. Of course, their financial troubles suddenly seemed less threatening after Bob was reluctantly thrown into the middle of negotiations with an armed robber holding hostages at the bank across the street. Read More... 


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