American Dad “Stan’s Best Friend” Review

"Stan’s Best Friend" was a relatively straightforward story about Stan’s history with man’s best friend and his attempt to make amends for the early death of his childhood dog, Freddie. I’ve got a weak spot when it comes to dog stories (I still can’t watch Futurama‘s "Jurassic Bark" without crying hysterically at the end) so I braced myself for the worst and hoped for an American Dad dog story with a happy ending.

Things looked like they might be moving in a positive direction when the new dog, Kisses, first snuggled up to Stan. I was laughing out loud when Stan sat in his pajamas taking pictures with his phone and talking like a complete sucker about the dog. "Oh! There’s an ear. Oh my god – what a cute little yawn! What a cute little baby!" I’m guilty of that kind of doggie gushing so this bit totally cracked me up.

After that scene, I thought that maybe we’d be getting an episode showing us the softer side of Stan and that Kisses would be to Stan what Stella is to Jay on Modern Family. Kisses did soften Stan’s cold heart for a brief moment before being tragically killed by cat pirates in an air balloon. Read More... 


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