Archer 3.12 "Space Race: Part 1" Review - Stranger Danger Zone

Archer blasts off with its latest from season 3, or technically season 3.5 "Space Race, Part 1," as Archer and the ISIS crew head into space (with guest star Bryan Cranston) to stop a mutiny on an international space station. While seemingly unrelated to the arc built over the lats few episodes, "Space Race" could be the start of one of the better Archer stories of the series.

I’ll admit, I was tepid about the concept of launching the Archer crew in to space for a two-part season finale, if only for the fact that the show has maintained such a solid standing in its previous two episodes "Skin Game" and "Crossing Over" that it seemed entirely unrelated to suddenly unleash a high-concept event. Perhaps it was unrealistic of me to think that Adam Reed and FX would dole out easily a season’s worth of plot progression in the last four episodes, but the return of Bionic Barry, Nikolai Jakov and Katya seemed so intrinsically tied to Archer mythology that it felt a shame to abate that momentum so soon. Read More...


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