The Secret Circle Review: All Bets Are Off

While casino night may have been a feature of The Secret Circle this week, I'd say it was anything but "Lucky." This was an odd episode. While the previews made it seem like it would be full of excitement, it kind of felt like watching Jason Voorhees chase down his 50th victim, just lumbering along at a steady pace. I wanted things to happen faster and I wanted more to happen - period.

So what did we get? A lot more of John and Cassie. While the idea of was-he-good-or-was-he-bad got played out again, by the end it was quite clear he really was back in Chance Harbor to set things right and to look out for his daughter.

For some reason, I thought he was still keeping his presence low key, but showing up at casino night and slamming Dawn against a locker laid that to rest. Now that she and Ethan know he's returned, maybe the adults will get a little more play time. Read More...


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