Up All Night Review: Tiny Socks

This week Chris had a fever and the only prescription is more babies! Tonight's episode "Baby Fever" explored yet another very real issue, that of a working mother deciding between pregnancy or progress in her workplace. Chris had every rite to want to give Amy a sibling, but Reagan was also justified in her apprehension as she continued to cope with her new boss and the changes in her professional career. 

Meanwhile, Ava showed she is capable of putting her life on hold to help nurture someone else's as she sought to mentor young Jamie. Jamie though was the very embodiment of the modern day teen and showed the daytime host that her mantra of "keep on growing" means many different things when it came to the younger generation. The writers did very well to depict the issues facing today's youth. Things like one's mother not allowing the Hunger Games to be reading material and the acceptance of the popular girls in school may have seemed trivial to Ava but for young Jamie they were the world. Read More...



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